Animal Instinct is a web-comic about a boy, Nathan Drumlin who wakes up one day to find himself covered in fur. With a tail and cute pointed ears of as well. As he tries to cope with these changes, and try to find a way back to his original self, he faces many daunting problems. School is a no. Going out is a no. Leading a normal life is a no.

About the artist:

Animal Instinct - An Unexpected Tail, is written and drawn by me, Stephanie Barnett.
Born in 1989, I'm now a happy 18 year old, 19 on the 25th of July!! Currently employed, I'm saving up my money for a trip to America in September.

I've always had a passion for books, art and especially comics, whether funny, drama, horror, etc. I'd always wanted to have my own comic strip, so one day my dad bought me a "Make your own Comic Book" set. I was delighted, and promptly started filling some of the boxes. Maybe a year or so later, my dad then intorduced me to the world of online comics. Kevin and Kell to be exact. This was maybe somewhere around 2000 or earlier. I can't be too sure. So, I now had an almost unlimited stream of comics to read and enjoy. But soon after, I felt I wanted to be a part of it. But I didn't have any ideas.
So, arming myself with pencil and paper, I began to draw. Just anything that came in to my head. My very first character, drawn in 2002, was a Space Captain, although I can't remember his actual name. I thought it was great, and was quickly beginning to visualise a sketchy plot to go along with him. But, this idea quickly faded away when I discovered, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't draw him in any other position than the one I had originally. This was not good. I came to the conclusion that this was obviously not what I was meant to draw. So, I tried again, and in 2003, Nathan was created. I've always had a love for animals, especially dogs. There have been dogs present my whole life, and I guess this kind of rubbed off.
Nathan, half-dog, half-human. But what would be his plot? This came quickly too, but I spent a few months experimenting wiht it and practising different positions and views for my character. And voila! Although it was nowhere near perfect drawing, I was satisfied that I could draw him and others repeatedly. And on 15 August 2004, Animal Instinct went live online for the first time.

Animal Instinct is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.