Nathan is the main character of the story. He is a fifteen year old wolf/boy. He is currently trying to work out what happened and how to reverse it. His condition seems to keep worsening every so often which always seem to cause an arguement whenever it happens. He has been going around saying that he is wearing a costume most of the time, but he knows this won't last very long because poeple will begin to get suspicious. The only part he actually secretly likes about his change is his tail. He likes how he can now rap it around himself and keep warm with it without havig to wear clothes. Although he does love his clothes and wouldn't want to give them up, he does enjoy the freedom of his "birthday suite". He is an avid gamer and insists on getting at least one game a month to work on. His gaming collection is now over 100 games. He also likes to spend a lot of time with his best friend, Alf.


Alf is Nathan's best and only friend. He is a couple of months older than Nathan, but can sometimes act more immature than his friend. He was the first one to see Nathan in his new form and is always trying his best to lookout for him now. At his best moments, he has managed to convince Nathan to do things which his parents might not have been able to and he tried his bet to make sure Nathan remains sane durng the whole thing. Although he acts calm, he is completely horrified by Nathan and quite often would rather stay away from him and deny the whole thing. But he's his best friend and feels he should be there for him. He isn't as fond of games as Nathan, although he still enjoys hanging around and playing them.


Emma first came into the story near the beginning. She was attracted to Nathan's friend Alf. They started going out for a while, but recently, they have parted ways. Emma doesn't like stress and has been constantly bullied in horrible ways everywhere she lived before. She wants to take a break and maybe get together again later once things have calmed down again. She hasn't told this to Alf yet because she doesn't want to get his hopes up. She has a small interest in the Spiritual, but desn't devote a lot of time to it. She doesn't like Nathan.

Margaret and Steven

Margaret is Nathan's Mum. She isn't his biological mother, she just adopted him when he was a baby. But she still loves him like he was her own. She is very concerned for Nathan andquite often panics and over-reacts. She has a knack for anything to do with stitching, knitting, clothes, etc. She made Nathan a new set of clothes in a very short period once. She is also married to his adopted dad, Steven
Steven is Nathan's Dad. Again, he isn't his biological father, he just adopted him when he was a baby. But he still cares for him as though he was his own. He manages to keep a cool attitude most of the time and acts a bit distant, but deep down inside, he is extremely concerned. He is a hippy of sorts. He is passionate about the environment and such things, but is also aware of when certain things can be useful. Like planes for one. He just recently got back from a long protest about a Public Park down south that was going to be torn up and replaced with a Car Park.


Kieran has only just appeared in the strip. Nathan met him after the flight to the Isle of Dogs. He is twenty years old and is easily frightened. He works in the cargo department at the airport. He sometimes has faint visions or feelings which he has learnt to trust over time. His latest feeling was to befriend Nathan once they were properly introduced. He offered his help at any time he needed it and they parted ways.


This character has not appeared in the comic yet.

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